Junior ADU

Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs) can be built within the walls of a proposed or existing single-family home and must be no more than 500 square feet. JADUs provide more housing possibilities to save money on construction, they may share central systems, have a simple kitchen with modest plug-in appliances, and share a bathroom with the main house.

Because JADUs simply repurpose existing space within the residence rather than expanding the dwelling’s projected occupancy, they put no additional strain on utility services or infrastructure.


Requirements ADU JADU
Maximum Size 1200 sq.ft maximum 500 sq.ft maximum
Kitchen Yes Yes
Bathroom Yes No
Separate Entrace Depends Yes
Parking Depends. Parking may be eliminated and cannot be required under specified conditions No
Owner Occupancy Owner Occupancy on most ADUs has been waved from 2020-2025 Yes
Ministeral Approval Process Yes Yes
Prohibition on Sale of ADU Yes Yes

Facts on JADUs

  • They are “living spaces” that you can rent out legally
  • They have to be less than 500 sq.ft
  • They are contained within a single-family residence
  • You can build both an ADU and a Junior ADU on the same property
  • You can share a bathroom with the residence
  • Need their own kitchen
  • Need their own entrance/exit
  • Have an owner occupancy requirement
  • Have fewer utility separation requirements than conventional ADUs

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