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Do we really need a big space for living?

Do we really need a big space for living? Sure if we have all the money in the world. But wouldn’t it be more practical to have extra passive income rather than have extra space? You get to save on heating, cooling, care and maintenance from not having that huge amount of space.
This graph shows the difference in housing in the 1950s compared to 2017
YEAR 1950 2017
Average square footage of new single-family homes 983 2,571
Number of people per household 3.8 2.5
Square feet of living space per person 292sq.ft 1,012sq.ft
With the average size of single-family homes over doubling and the number of people per household decreasing we are seeing the square foot per person over triple the amount. This is why we are seeing a major housing crisis in the state of California. The development of ADU’s can help these numbers balance out.
Many of the ADUs that have been built have been created to provide a home for their parents or their adult children. This is a great way to live and create housing for your family but also still have the privacy of your own. A survey shows that most people who own a large amount of space don’t need that much space. Most use it for extra storage – things they don’t really need to own. Many families are downsizing because they realize the maintenance is not worth the hassle.

Facts on ADUs

  • ADUs have a higher number of people living per square foot than single-family houses.
  • ADUs are a great way to have an option for affordable housing.
It’s nice to fantasize about owning a big space, but when you think about it you have to ask yourself whether you really utilize all that space.

If you are interested in learning more about building an ADU and utilizing your space feel free to contact AKD Homes at (650)241-5384.


California Department of Housing and Community Development

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