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ADU FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

These are ADU FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Accessory Dwelling Units.

Why build an ADU?

ADUs can provide more space for grown children, elderly parents, or renters. Because ADUs are rental units, they produce extra household income. “Empty nesters” can stay in their neighborhoods. When moving into a smaller ADU and renting their larger existing home to pay the mortgage. An ADU can be built to house a relative or caregiver. There are many reasons for building an ADU on your lot.

How big can I build my ADU?

Based on the size of your land and existing house, there are various restrictions on the size of an ADU.

For starters, an attached ADU cannot be more than half the size of the original home.
If your existing house is 2,000 sq. ft, the more ADU cannot be larger than 1,000 sq.ft . And most cities have a “mansionization rule,” this limits the total square footage of all structures on a lot to 45 percent of the total lot size.

For example, if your lot is 10,000 sq . ft, your total built area (including your current home, ADU, garage, and other structures) cannot exceed 1200 sq.ft. AKD Homes has various available options from our smallest studio 404sq.ft to our biggest pre-design model a two bedroom 749sq.ft. we offer all sorts of customization, give us a message or a call.

Your project’s specifics will need to be verified by the Department of City Planning.

How much will my ADU cost?

Because each ADU’s size and construction is different. You will need to inquire based on your specific needs. adu price if you are interested in building an ADU in California, you can reach out to AKD Homes.



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