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Choices in Your Personal Space: The Custom ADU

Detached ADUs are the most flexible way to add a living space to your property. The Bay Area is one of the most expensive regions to build due to older homes and a significant demand for upgrading. However, when one considers the entire value that a permitted ADU provides to a home, the investment is well worth it.
Design is one of the many elements to think about when building an ADU. Commonly asked questions are “How does the exterior look? Does it flow? Will it fit in my yard? Does it match my existing house?”

A custom design may be the right choice if you want your backyard home to completely fit the aesthetic of your existing home.

AKD Homes is currently offering a handful of pre-designed units, starting from Studio units all the way to Two Bedroom units. Furthermore, all of them are fully customizable to fit your needs.

AKD Homes currently serves the San Francisco Bay Area, but don’t be shy about giving us a call if you want your ADU elsewhere. We are open to possibilities and we have been expanding rapidly!

We would love to hear from you! You can reach us here.

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