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The Modern ADU (accesory dwelling unit)

AKD Homes ADU Design, How it all started


Bekom Design                                                                                               2021-1-24


Clean lines, open space, natural light- those were the three goals that directed us in designing these elegant AKD Homes modules.

With state incentives to address the housing market in California, a new decade has begun. Many homeowners are opting to build secondary dwelling units on their properties as an alternative to the housing crisis. Also known as ADUs ( accessory dwelling units), these additional structures are often, however, limited in size.

The first question that came to mind at the beginning of the design process was How do we still keep the units spacious and inviting while adhering to size restrictions on smaller and medium-sized lots.

The answer came straight away – the approach should be modern California living- modern design leans itself to open interior spaces – no longer the traditional living room/dining room/kitchen configurations, which create small enclosed spaces, but open great rooms with both visual and physical access to each function, which in turn create a larger sense of space.

Sense of space is also enhanced by light and in the sunshine state, what better than designing elements that will allow natural light to complement the interior spaces. Floor to ceiling windows is strategically placed in both the common spaces and the sleeping rooms, to create a sense of indoor-outdoor living.

The modern interior is complemented by the modern exterior – the 3D design of the entire unit is based on clean lines and volumes, however, the exterior is not left as a box- combining different high-end finishes such as stucco and real wood siding and separating the exterior into smaller volumes create a sense of smaller scales shapes, seamlessly integrated into a single unit.

As a design firm specializing in custom living, collaborating with a company such as AKD homes was a complete pleasure – the owner Allan had a clear vision- the units should be catered for good living, but also be flexible in design in order to allow the ADU to be brought to every budget and home.


The writer, Revital is a principal at Bekom Design

When you are ready to build your modern and spacious AKD Homes ADU, please visit akdhomes.com/contact us to schedule your free consultation with our ADU experts.



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